The Riot Before – 2005-2007 2xLP / CD

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The Riot Before were the reason that Say-10 got started. We can’t say enough good things about these guys, so really just do yourself a favor and pick this up. You will love it.

1 You Rock, Rock
2 The Cheapest Cigarettes
3 Plastic Chests for Plastic Hearts
4 Explosions From Above
5 A Vast White Headless Phantom
6 A Drop In the Ocean
7 Fifteen Minute Revolution
8 Really Good Reasons to Swear
9 In Perspective
10 On Tracks Asleep Beneath the Snow
11 This Old House
12 Threat Level Midnight
13 The Uttica Stare
14 Lather, Rinse, Repeat
15 The Mirror’s Curse
16 Jam is a Four Letter Word
17 Redneckties
18 Wrong
19 Take That, The Government
20 We Are Wild Stallions
21 Warm
22 80 MPH

100 on white (kickstarter only color) *Sold Out*
100 on clear (interpunk exclusive color)
100 on yellow (say-10 exclusive color)
200 on random

not sure what happened to the cd, but the tracks on it somehow switched order on 3 different songs.

Cd track order:
13 The Mirror’s Curse
15 Jam is a Four Letter Word
16 The Utica Stare

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