Will Wood – “In case I make it,”



When we initially set up presale for a record we try to reserve copies in case things get lost/damaged in the mail. This was no exception, so we have just now posted the remaining copies of some of these color options.

International customers: If you buy one of the bundles of LPs we will send you an invoice for the rest of the postage.

1) Tomcat Disposables
2) Becoming the Lastnames
3) Cicada Days
4) Euthanasia
5) Falling Up
6) That’s Enough, Let’s Get You Home.
7) Um, it’s Kind Of A Lot
8) Half-Decade Hangover
9) Vampire Reference in a Minor Key
10) You Liked This (Okay, Computer)
11) The Main Character
12) Against the Kitchen Floor
13) Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll
14) Big Fat Bitchie’s Blueberry Pie, Christmas Tree, and Recreational Jell-0 Emporium a.k.a. “Mr. Boy is on the Roof Again” (Feat. Pasta by Sneakers McSqueakers) {From the Motion Picture “B.F.B.’s B-Sides: Bagel Batches, Marsh-Mallows, & Barsh- Mallows”
15) Willard
16) White Noise

First Pressing on LP
/30 Test Pressings
/300 Cheese Spokes (yellow w/ black) Limited to IndieGoGo
/300 Half Moon (Orange and Black) Say-10 Exclusive
/400 Starry Night (Clear w/ Glowing Splatter) **We cannot guarantee that GID splatter will always sound perfect due to the vinyl used to make it glow
/400 Exploding Yellow/Red/Black
/600 Black LPs

First Pressing on Cassette
/100 on Black **SOLD OUT**
2nd Pressing on Cassette
/100 on Yellow

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