Entropy – All Work, No Plagiarism LP

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“All Work, No Plagiarism” is Orange County, NY based hardcore punk band Entropy’s sophomore release on Say-10. Their first EP on Say-10 was mind-blowing, but you’ll have to listen for yourself to hear that this band got even better. If you need an idea of Entropy’s energy, think back to playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and your mom yelling, “You need to turn that damn TV down.” Piss off, Mom! And give me some money to order the new Entropy LP.

The reason “All Work, No Plagiarism” is something of a masterpiece is that it doesn’t seek to be something which it is not. You want to hear a great hardcore punk record? Look no further. This is it. (Okay, the last/hidden track is a fun ode to ska but let’s set that aside for now). Get pissed about your job, world leaders, the modern generation, and whatever else punks are getting mad at these days. Put on your best angry face, grab your skateboard, and let this record fuel your fire for right around 20 minutes. With solo bass leads that rip into fast hardcore punk riff-age, guitar leads that seem too good to be punk, and tight rhythmic vocals, there is a teeth-gritting, fist-clenching guarantee. To be simple – the vocal stylings are reminiscent of Gorilla Biscuits, subject matter is Propaghandi-ish, and the instrumentation draws influence from Paint It Black, but do you really wanna put it in a box like that? There’s something for every different brand of hardcore lover and it’s perfect.

This is just a fun record to listen to. Peep the track listing and have a laugh. A band with some serious skill and excellent subject matter somehow pull it off with a sense of humor.

(FFO: Paint It Black, Limp Wrist, 80s hardcore)

1) My Common Sense Is Tingling
2) War, On Drugs
3) “Pipe Down, I’m Trying to Watch These Broads Work Out”
4) Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist
5) Forever Unclean
6) Hodgdog
7) Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K
8) Gray’s Sports Almanac
9) Meat Mattress
10) There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand
11) Choppin’ Broccoli
12) Dress to Depress
13) Pay Me
14) Lost Boys
15) Dead Things, Mikey. Dead Things
16) Bonus

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