Utter Failure – Eroding Forces LP

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The art of song-length is nothing to joke about. Cut out too soon, and somebody somewhere is gonna feel gypped. On the other hand, overstay your welcome and it’s a one-way ticket to snooze-city. On ‘Eroding Forces’, San Jose punks Utter Failure manage to hit the sweet spot. A righteous blend of crunchy chords and hard-hitting harmonies, this is everything your shitty garage band wishes it could be. No frills. No fuckery. No Freebird. You’re welcome.

(FFO: Screeching Weasel but better, Go Rydell, East Bay punk)

1) The Next Tragedy
2) I Won’t Apologize
3) Buffalo and the Up All Night Crew
4) Fuck Your World
5) Corner of the World
6) Hold It Together
7) Wasted
8) Truth
9) Sucks
10) Johnny Taliban
11) Pretty Pictures
12) Unchanged
13) Piano Song from Hell 2
14) Psychological Breakdown

100 on red vinyl

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