Seagulls – The Rapture and Resurgens LP



7 years and 4 bandmates after their first foray on Say-10, Atlanta’s Seagulls release their first full length. Ever.
Half self-avowed “brilliant concept album”, half inane ramblings of a rapidly aging man child, The Rapture and Resurgens is 14 gruff, melodic, pop-punk songs that are uncontested bangers plus 1 track that’s… pretty good… it’s alright- it isn’t great- but it’s fine.
FFO: bands that probably would be fine using power chords, but make it a point to overcomplicate things much to the dismay of Avril Lavigne; early to mid aughts fat wreck; settling for heretofore unproblematic cis het white men; tastefully subdued synth and organ tracks that are nigh inaudible behind a wall of blaring guitars, drums, and vocals; puppies; and staycations. No one reads this far, right?

1) In The Beginning
2) Four Long Years
3) The Least Of Us
4) Brand New World
5) Sinners In The Hands Of An Absent God
6) Mogul Down
7) The Gooder News
8) Symphony For The Righteous Destruction Of Humanity In E Major
9) A Brief Respite
10) Antediluvial
11) De Fournier Pilote
12) Hellholeboob
13) Laughing
14) Set Up To Fail
15) A Tale Told By An Idiot

/111 on Paint Job Splatter
/213 on “I missed the boat, but at least it’s still a first pressing” basic ass black