Civil War Rust – The Fun and The Lonely CD

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Awesome things often come in unsuspecting (and occasionally explosive) packages. One of the latest additions to Say-10 Records, the East-Bay punks of Civil War Rust are no strangers to crafting bombastic tunes about everyday triumphs and frustrations. A blistering 30 minutes of raspy punk sing-alongs, The Fun and The Lonely is reason enough to justify a late-night burrito run with the volume cranked high enough to wake up the neighborhood. Just ask Bill Murray. Trust us. He knows.

(FFO: Alkaline Trio, ’90s East Bay Punk)

1) Whipping Star
2) Walking Down Ward
3) Mayday
4) Freight Train
5) Balloons & Bouquets
6) Legalized Romance
7) Seven Down
8) You’ve Got A Friend
9) Hymns Of The Canary
10) Diving
11) Walkin’ Catastrophe (Pinhead Gunpowder cover) **LP EXCLUSIVE**