Oh My Snare! – Hoyeste Gang EP

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Punk rock comes in many forms. Hoyeste Gang, the debut LP from Canada’s Oh My Snare!, covers most of them seamlessly. Piercing melodies give way to rowdy singalongs that will not leave your head for days. Reminiscent of many things, but something great completely unto itself, this LP is sure to enjoy a long tenure on your turntable.

With lyrics written in a storytelling manner that will leave your heartstrings pulled, Oh My Snare is just a few listens away from becoming one of your favorite bands.

(FFO: Chumped, Slingshot Dakota, Rvivr)

1) Unforetold Hands And Voices
2) Hearken Unto My Behest, Biatch, For Thou Hast Boobies
3) If Krillin Came Back From The Dead Like 3 Times, I Think We Can Do It Once
4) All Sauron Needed Was A Little Love
5) I’m Not Robocop Material Anymore
6) If You Smell Flowers, Look Around For The Coffin
7) Hoyeste Gang
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