Everymen – May Your Ashes Have Stories To Tell LP / CD

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May Your Ashes Have Stories to Tell, is Everyman’s highly anticipated new album, from Say-10 records, that we’ve all been waiting for. These guys do not disappoint. Whether its, folk, punk, or polka, this album has something for everyone. True to life lyrics, speaks to our souls, and reminds us that we are human. With songs like Don’t Rain On My Parade, and Don’t say, the album as a whole, makes us want to grab our friends, have a drink, and dance around the fire, daring the flames to lick our heels.

(FFO: AJJ, Gogol Bordello, Against Me!, Larry and His Flask)

1) Shake Your Bones
2) Dead Friends
3) Annihilation
4) How To Live
5) Don’t Rain On My Parade
6) Waking Up Hurts
7) Time
8) M. B.
9) Taking Work Home
10) Don’t Stay
11) Ashes

First Pressing:
100 on confetti in beer colored vinyl
400 on beer colored vinyl

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