Entropy – Out of Spite 7″

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Let’s face facts. Getting up in the morning sucks, and you suck at it. Twenty bucks says you hate that crappy alarm preset we both know you have too. Want some tunes to kickstart your day in the key of righteous? This Entropy 7” is equal parts ass-kicking and glorious headbanging goodness. You know, like that French Toast Crunch stuff they used to have in the ‘90s. NY Thrash, now part of a complete breakfast!

(FFO: Turning Point, Cap’n Crunch, Ray of Today singing for Kid Dynamite, Less-than-a-minute hardcore jams)

1) Atriums and Exits
2) Bird Law
3) Intention Tension
4) Lone Survivor
5) Principles of Intermediate
6) This is Comedy
7) Now, Now, My Good Man. Now is not the Time for Making New Enemies.
8) Welcome to Costco, I Love You
9) Inheriting the Lie
10) Boddicker

300 on White vinyl
100 on Randomly colored vinyl

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