Brutal Youth – Spill Your Guts LP

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Sometimes short is sweet, but sweet is almost always boring. Brutal Youth’s Spill Your Guts is sometimes short and always far from sweet. With introspective, no nonsense lyrics that range from politics to self reflection set to music reminiscent of 88 Fingers Louie, Sloppy Seconds and Good Riddance fallen into a blender.

Somehow simultaneously catchy and angry, this album will make you feel like the first time you heard Kid Dynamite and grabbed your skateboard. Fast, short anthems that are just what the doctor ordered will get the adrenaline flowing and keep you flipping the record over.

(FFO: Newfoundland, Kid Dynamite)

1) 2 Hits!
2) Four Letter Words
3) Irrational Fear of Water
4) So What? Sew Buttons.
5) Artful
6) 4 Chords 3 Words
7) Emotional Terrorism
8) Not Angry
9) Guts & Black Stuff
10) We Need to Talk
11) Square Dancing: What Is It? & What Can It Do For You?
12) Heartsick
13) A (Partial) List Of… (Unreleased Demo)
14) Guts and Black Stuff (Demo)
15) Four Letter Words (Demo)
16) So What? Sew Buttons. (Demo)
17) 2 Hits! (Demo) *Digital Only*
18) Emotional Terrorism (Demo) *Digital Only*

/100 on green and orange sunburst on white (SOLD OUT)
/250 on green

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