Walk The Plank – Cemetery Vacation LP

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Close your eyes and think back to that feeling you had when you first mastered riding a bike. Feel like a badass? Cemetery Vacation, the debut LP from Washington DC’s Walk the Plank, will leave you feeling charged up and ready to take on the world. Coming from one of the most storied scenes in the history of punk rock, Walk the Plank have managed to release a record that lives up to that great tradition without stooping to clichés or living in nostalgia. At times anthemic and at other times rough around the edges like a broken bottle, Cemetery Vacation captivates to its very core. Think driving rhythms, earnestly gruff vocals, and buzzing guitars with harmonized leads, and you’ve got the idea.

(FFO: Kid Dynamite, The Explosion, Negative Approach, Black Flag, Motorhead)

1) Work Fiction
2) Pity Party
3) I Don’t Believe
4) Sea of Scenes
5) Dead Broke
6) Dying on the Vine
7) Scapegoat
8) Emptying My Head
9) Unaware
10) Teacher’s Pet
11) Spring 2010

First Pressing:
200 on red and turquoise

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