Stabbed In Back / Payoff split 7″

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PT Barnum once said “Leave them wanting more”. He also said “Shut that crying elephant up, I’m trying to count my money”, but that’s neither here nor there, as this split 7″ by Stabbed in Back and Payoff will leave you wanting more badly.

Featuring Albuquerque’s Stabbed in Back and L.A.’s Payoff, this record has more hooks than a dozen fishing lures, and enough energy to keep you moving the whole day. Both bands would have fit right in during the late nineties, and both bands sound perfectly relevant and urgent today.

These four songs will pull you in thoroughly, then leave you wondering “What just happened, and how can it happen more?” The answer is simple, flip this rager back to side one and slam the needle back down!

(FFO: Stabbed In Back and Payoff DUH)

1) Stabbed In Back – James Hall
2) Stabbed In Back – Forever Premature
3) Payoff – Hell In A Handbasket
4) Payoff – Faceless Crowd

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