The Weekend Run Club – Liminal Space Race



Mitchell, the singer of TWRC, summed this album up best…

My thoughts on Liminal Space Race: Coming of age is an animal experience that humans share on a global scale. Liminal Space Race addresses the nebulous, yet frenetic paradigm shifts of growing up. At the end of the tunnel of adolescence and early adulthood is an unavoidable, rueful acceptance: a fleeting truth which spares no one, especially the queer people of yesterday, today, and tomorrow: We never really stop coming out.

It’s very unclear to me what it means to be a man. Sometimes I wrestle with the thought that I might be afraid to find out, regardless of my unfulfilled hunger for discovering an identity that hurts a little less.

Liminal space race takes the listener through the chilling realization that some relationships aren’t meant to last forever, only to spice things up with the drunken warmth of a fancy, gay dinner party where no one fits in. Liminal Space Race suggests that it’s sometimes mandatory to be angry to survive. And, perhaps, the only place to find true love is in a sweaty leather bar at 2 am. Lastly, Liminal Space Race is the agonizing and honest admission that you cannot control anyone but yourself.

1) take me 2 the prom
2) blossom
3) strangers
4) candyman
5) prince of wales
6) big kids
7) liar, liar (pants on fire)
8) how it b
9) runners

/100 on Yellow, Black, and Purple Explosion
/200 on Orange
/200 on Eco Mix