Oklahoma Car Crash – I Know Better Now Digital

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Alexandria, Va. native Nat Brown has been writing solo material under the name Oklahoma Car Crash (OKCC) for quite some time now, and “I Know Better Now” might even be the best yet. This time around, OKCC laid down some more full band tracks, supporting the album with an energy that makes the whole thing (which comes in right around 20 minutes) feel like anything but a chore to listen to. Nostalgic, emotional lyrical undertones are complimented by a fun and, one might even dare to say, uplifting classic punk sound. While “Mountainside” is the only acoustic track on the album, there’s at least one out of six songs that will provide the tone for whatever feelings you’re considering giving into today. The album rounds out with “Father,” which WILL be a sing-a-long request at your next punk rock get together. If you’ve read this much by now, it’s safe to say you’ll give this one a chance anyway – and you won’t be disappointed!

(FFO: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Tigers Jaw, Mixtapes)

1) Bad for Anyone
2) Blue Eyes, Blue Water
3) White Wine
4) I’m Happier Today
5) Mountainside
6) Father


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