Oh My Snare! – Murk Matinal CD

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How can a band combine so many sounds at once?

Quebec’s Oh My Snare! Have put together a sophomore 2nd full length album for the ages. Male and female vocals, sing along choruses, and perfect layers of instrumentation combine to form a melodically cacophonous, sardonic, busy, bright celebration. Sounding like a band that knows exactly what they want, fuzzy guitar riffs provide the backbone that drives this indie party that refuses to calm down. When you put this on, you just might feel like you’ve walked into a basement show for the ages. Put this on and feel better on your worst day.

(FFO: Promise Ring, Talking Heads (yes, the fucking Talking Heads), RVIVR, Jets to Brazil)

1) You Can Always Tell A Milford Man
2) Jiayou
3) Happy Mask Salesman Is My Homeboy
4) Anywhere But Home, Fuck Home
5) The Subtle Art of Transmuting Gold into Lead
6) Giants & Windmills
7) The Depixal Dance of Death
8) L’Arbre Blanc
9) 2015 Was My Water Temple, Here’s A Seranade
10) Quantum Entanglement
11) The Stelazine Stomp

/500 on screen printed shiny plastic 5″

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