Know Your Saints – Landmarks 7″

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What can one accomplish in 11 minutes? Many could bike a mile, take a righteous shit, or even learn a new skill courtesy of the interwebz. The few and the bold? They’ll be enjoying this EP with seconds to spare. The revamped & remastered ‘Landmarks’ 7”, courtesy of the dudes in Know Your Saints, was so good, it didn’t even need a do-over. But, being the best and all, we decided to make these tunes even better, just for you. Say 10 Records: committed to improving the soundtrack to your thought-provoking bathroom escapades since 2007

(FFO: The Lawrence Arms, Knapsack, ’90s Emo Hey-Day)

1) We May See Paris Yet…
2) The Grey Estate
3) Humor Me?
4) In It’s Place Was a Reflection

100 on gold vinyl

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