Static Scene – S/t EP

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This band was introduced to me as such: “Kind of like if Modest Mouse made twinkly emo/indie,” and it wasn’t too far off target. If The Get Up Kids and Explosions In The Sky did a record together, it’d sound a lot like this. It’s heavy, pretty, crunchy, and shoegazey all at once. Is shoegazey a word? Nope. Is this album good? Yes. The album is opened up with, “Eye For An Eye” – a ballad of sorts that tosses you across a widely spread spectrum of emotions. Slow and sad. Fast and energetic. Loud and angry. They’re all there. This really sets the pace for the entire record. Static Scene somehow has the ability to harness and display their musicianship all while maintaining enough energy for the punks. With that said, the rest of the album rules just as much. Basically this – ine the mood to feel a certain way? Static Scene is gonna cover it.

More than musical talent itself, what really brings this band to the top of my list is the songwriting. Each of the four songs on this EP blend together in such a way that’s coherent and steadily holds your attention. Seriously, I’ve heard some well written songs before, but these guys win the game.

(FFO: Modest Mouse, the Promise Ring, sad music that makes you happy)

1) Eye for an Eye
2) Puzzled by Fire
3) The Thief
4) Just for the Sound

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