Pedals On Our Pirate Ships – Collection 2006-2010 Digital

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This digital only releaseĀ  comprises all of the early Pedals releases. It rules!
1) Sometimes You Have To
2) I’ll Laugh My Head Off
3) Pedals On Our Pirate Ships
4) Make Like A Tree
5) Here Lies A Liar
6) The Asshole King
7) Gather Ye Rosebuds
8) It’s Raining Outside
9) Social Segregation
10) This Town Is An Anchor
11) Dear Mom And Dad
12) What I Really Learned In College
13) Good Friends Good Times
14) Night Of The Living Wage
15) Peter Pan Syndrome
16) Ballad Of Johnny Z
17) Reinventing Bryan Adams
18) Dominion Place
19) Pony Express
20) Goodbye Optimism
21) You Dont Get To Know Her Anymore
22) Two Simple Words
23) Broken Chameleon
24) Pop-Punk Momento
25) I’m Sorry Amelia
26) The Momma Song


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