Smoke or Fire – When the Battery Dies LP

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Before there was Smoke or Fire there was Jericho RVA. Before there was Jericho RVA there was Jericho from Boston who recorded When the Battery Dies in an hour and a half in Massachusetts. Full of classics like Truck Stop and the Station Wagon Song as well as early versions of Second Wind and Running in Circles, When the Battery Dies is a must have for any Smoke or Fire fan and available for the first time on vinyl from Say-10 Records!

(FFO: A Wilhelm Scream, The Draft, and reissues)

1) Intro
2) The Station Wagon Song
3) Second Wind
4) Asleep at the Wheel
5) Afghanistan
6) September
7) Running in Circles
8) Drive to Mexico
9) Looking Forward
10) Truckstop

100 on Green w/ Black Splatter **SOLD OUT**
400 on Green

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