Small Brown Bike – The Circle Cure Tribute LP


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Travis from SBB was diagnosed with Cancer a couple of years ago and this tribute was put together to raise money towards his expenses. Due to manufacturing delays this record took a lot longer to get back than we were hoping, but our copies have arrived and will begin shipping shortly. The version that was initially posted for preorder should be here any day!

1) Louie & Mickey – Deconstruct / Rebuilt
2) The Casket Lottery – No Place Like You
3) Sean M. Hoen – A Declaration of Sorts
4) Better Americas Ft. Jon Olson & Susana Hendrix – As We Go
5) Secret Smoker – My Unanswered Whys
6) LAPECHE – The Cannons and Tanks
7) Idle Ray – Take Care
8) John Magnifico – Just Bones
9) Padre – A Lesson to Remember
10) Chafe Hensley – See You in Hell
11) Luca Brasi – Day and Nightmares
12) Katy Reed – Like a Future with No Friend
13) M. Sord – Atlanta
14) Tim Kasher – Sleep River Sleep
15) The Punk Cellist – Blank Landscapes
16) Roy Burgess & Russ Calderwood – The Cold
17) Rocky Votolato – Make This a Holiday

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/200 on white Say-10 Exclusive