Shehehe – Pet Songs

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“Shehehe’s new album Pet Songs unapologetically grabs you from the get-go, blasting their brand of confrontational melody to the very fibers of your ill-prepared soul. The band has never sounded better. Their formidable wares show a song craft sharpened to precision. The interplay between the vocals and the muscular nature of these arrangements makes the band sound ten feet tall, and you’ll be singing and screaming along. These songs sound fierce in an empowering, euphoric way. Songs like Down the Stairs, …But I’m Tryin Hard, and Your Hands exhibit the continued progression of a band comfortable and confident in their mission, going beyond the rock n roll playbook to deliver punk rock epics the world needs. Shehehe combines the exaltations of youth with the wisdom of hindsight to create a new classic for those reveling in the eternal Friday night, all the while fully aware of the life-changing, daily moments in between. This is as good as rock n’ roll gets.” – Johnny Ray, The Ratio Podcast

1) …But I’m Tryin Hard
2) Back To Us
3) Down the Stairs
4) Your Hands
5) One 4 the Bruins
6) Summer Camp Rant
7) Schoolkid / Wonderyears
8) Pet Song
9) Happy Days
10) Hey Ramona Ray
11) Dog Secrets
12) Red White Fuck You
13) Teenager
14) New Year’s Eve Eve

/100 on Smoky Vinyl (Say-10 Records Exclusive)
/100 on College Ruled Paper White (Gunner Records Exclusive for all the euro friends)
/300 on Bright Ass Yellow

Recorded by Mike Albanese at Espresso Machine Studio in Athens, GA.
Mastered by Joel Hatstat of High Jump Media

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