Red City Radio – To the Sons & Daughters of Woody Guthrie EP

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A re-release of the band’s 2009 EP reminds us that Red City Radio continues to be one of the best bands out right now.  Garrett and Paul’s vocals make for an unstoppable duo, and their driving beats make it nearly impossible to listen to this album sitting still.  Chances are, this is the album that made you fall in love with Red City Radio, and you don’t want to miss out on this repress of one of the greatest EPs in modern punk history.

(FFO: the Menzingers, the Riot Before, the Midwest)

1) Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads
2) No One Believes In Moons & Goochers
3) We Are The Sons of Woody Guthrie
4) If All Else Fails Play Dead
5) Dead Friends Don’t Pay Debts

Single Sided LP w/ Silk Screened B-side
100 on Blue w/ Red Splatter **SOLD OUT**
150 on Blue w/ Black Splatter **ALMOST GONE**
250 on Electric Blue

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