Devon Kay & The Solutions – Yes, I Can’t LP



Hold on to your butts and listen to the smooth sophomoric sounds of Devon Kay & The Solutions. This will begin shipping out in early March.

Now with even more renditions of the songs you should know and possibly love. The record has been lovingly restored and housed in the prettiest gatefold jacket on the planet (complete with pictures of the best band ever).

1) 5 More Years
2) Make No Mistake
3) Fresh
4) Yes, I Can’t
5) A Lover’s Trip
6) Old Scent
7) Re-Relocating
8) Good Pill Hunting
9) Broad Shoulders
10) The Great American Runaround
11) One Outta Two
12) Temporary Displacement
LP only bonus songs that you can only hear by purchasing the album:
13) Re-Relocating (Bedroom Demo)
14) One Outta Two (Single Version)

/100ish on White and Violet Pinwheel (*probably the prettiest album ever, but we are still waiting on them so this comes with a pretty big *)
/200ish on Eco Mix (good for the environment!)
/200ish on Black (classic!)