Dead Format – Write Your Own Story Tape

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This band makes me nostalgic for waiting outside of the Fireside Bowl to see a band that I would legit lose my voice singing along to, and then would have to come up with a good excuse as to why I smelled like stale cigarettes and sweaty bodies (I don’t smoke, so I had to lean in hard to the sweaty bodies aspect)

The have very natural notes of anthematics like Lifetime and Grade, but has a hint of bitter sweetness of The Get Up Kids and early Saves the Day that pull at my heartstrings in a way that I wasn’t really ready for. This shit makes me want to invent a time machine because they’d blow the Airwalks off of most of the stuff I listened to back in High School and College. Y’all looking for another guitarist that lives in a different country? I gotchu covered.

–Blurb courtesy of Jason from Little Teeth

(FFO: Lifetime, the Get Up Kids, early Saves the Day)

1) Only Constant Things Change
2) Error 404
3) Blackouts
4) Process. Sink. Repeat.
5) Daybreak

/100 white tapes

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