Middle-Aged Queers – Shout at the Hetero



Everyone’s favorite Jurassic Punks are back! Featuring ex-members of The Cost, Fang and Yaphet Kotto, Middle-Aged Queers are seasoned veterans on a mission to make punk gay again.

Written and recorded during the lockdown phase of the pandemic, Middle-Aged Queers’ sophomore album takes a much darker turn than their debut release. With themes covering gentrification, homelessness, TERFs, and QAnon, Shout at the Hetero will take you on a roller-coaster through a rainbow in the dark.

1) London Breed My Hole
2) Size Queen (LP Version)
3) Satanic Mills
4) Terf’s Up
5) Knot Circus
6) Fugeeter
7) Surrender Dorothy

/100 on Say-10 Splatter version
/100 on Pink/Black MAQ version
/100 on Sell the Heart splatter version
/200 on Eco mix

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