Green Jellÿ – Cereal Killer Soundtrack LP



**3rd Pressing will be shipping out sometime in June**

1993 was a strange time in music. Nirvana had just recently slayed the well coiffed, many headed hydra of glam metal using a song about deodorant. No one was really sure what comes next. No one, that is, except one radio station in Seattle that played a song called Three Little Pigs.

Pretty soon Green Jellÿ was everywhere… from Headbanger’s Ball to the Billboard top 100. Up until that point, no band had been brave enough to ask the hard questions, like “What if Anarchy in the UK was about Fred Flintstone?” or “What is that smell?”. Green Jellÿ found themselves both asking and answering those questions.

26 years later, Green Jellÿ’s album Cereal Killer Soundtrack is still doing all of those things while sounding better than ever. 

1) Obey the Cowgod
2) Three Little Pigs
3) Cereal Killer
4) Rock-N-Roll Pumpkihn
5) Anarchy in Bedrock
6) Electric Harley House (Of Love)
7) Trippin’ On XTC
8) Misadventures of Shitman
9) House Me Teenage Rave
10) Flight of the Skajaquada
11) Green Jellÿ Theme Song

/16 test pressings
1st Pressing:
/1500 Clear with GID splatter for RSD **SOLD OUT**
2nd Pressing:
/100 Green with Gold color in color **SOLD OUT**
/200 Green with Black splatter **SOLD OUT**
/200 Green with Gold splatter **SOLD OUT**
3rd Pressing:
/100 on Cowgod splatter (white with black) **SOLD OUT**
/400 on Little Piggy Pink (light pink)

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