Challenges – Our Honest Opinion Digital Only

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Now that Our Honest Opinion exists, consider the pop-punk sweepstakes no longer up for grabs in 2013. Challenges are tighter than ever, and prove the last thing the genre needs is defending. A swan-song that won’t cost you any cool points, this is the record this band was meant to make. Tell all your friends. Take this to your grave. Whatever you do, just don’t sleep on this one.

(FFO: Through Being Cool-era Saves The Day, Fireworks, getting pizza with friends)

1) Trophy Day
2) 26 & Counting
3) Home and Away
4) Going for Bronze
5) Company Policy
6) The Greenline
7) Feeling Yellow and Blue
8) Present for a Best Friend
9) Everyone Loves Maverick
10) My Life on Tap
11) Four Days in Focus
12)  26 & Counting (Demo)

The plan was to put this out on CD, but the band unfortunately broke up. It may still end up on a limited run cd.?.?.?


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