Almost People – Priorities

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This isn’t fair for me to write about this band because I love them as humans, as musicians, and as general projections of love more than most people on this planet.

These songs are almost unfairly singalongable. Is that a word? No? well it is now. They have a vibe of early-but-not-super-early-Alkaline Trio-ness. Straightforward, toe-tapping, never-ending smile easy punk rock that I grew up on, but with a tinge of East-Coast grit that gives it it’s own flavour.

Even if I had never had a single interaction with the members of Almost People – I’d be in love with this band. The reality is that these folks are not only great musicians and people, but also instrumental pillars of the punk rock community in ways that most people will never realize. That said – Almost People is a band that I award a gold star, the highest of fives, the most genuine of 10-second hugs, and most importantly – my undying “cutesy eyes” for all that Scotty and everyone has done for my bands in the past, and that I’m sure will continue to do. Support this band or I’ll stab you in the neck. Too far? Sounds like something a cop would say.

–Blurb courtesy of Jason from Little Teeth

(FFO: Alkaline Trio, the Get Up Kids and day drinking)

1) All I Was
2) The Tattoos
3) Silver Lining
4) Another Complex
5) Nervous Shapes

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