Get Stoked Vol 2 – Xed Out, Shotclock, & Bad Idols

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The dumpster fire that was 2020 has continued into 2021. The idea of this series is to give people something to hopefully get stoked about. Music has been the one thing keeping me grounded this year and I know hearing new music often helps improve my mental state.

Our lathe cut bundles are going to made to order and then never made again. The idea being that we will keep pre-order available until 04/23/2021. At that time the releases will be made available digitally and the orders will start to be manufactured. When we get these back they will immediately start shipping your way.

You will receive 3 lathe cut singles that have new music and a cover of a Say-10 artist’s song.

Xed Out
1) Misery
2) Somedays (originally by Ghost Party!)

1) With Your Ghost
2) We Are Wild Stallions (originally by The Riot Before)

Bad Idols
1) Bad Ideas
2) Lucas
3) Peace Frog
4) (Treat Yo Self to Some) Night Terrors (originally by Seagulls)