Divided Heaven – Live at Pinnacle Studios EP

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Divided Heaven is Jeff Berman. Jeff is one of the nicest dudes playing music today and we couldn’t be happier to be putting out the upcoming full length, “Youngblood” (shooting for March 2014)

“Youngblood” finds the project maturing and introduces Divided Heaven as a full band which we can only describe as dynamic, deeply personal, and catchy as hell. We are sure you’ll love it. As a teaser for the upcoming release we have a handful of acoustic songs for you to check out for free!

1) Safety-Pinned Heart
2) Melissa Militia
3) Clean Sheets (the Descendents)
4) Brandywine
5) Can’t Hardly Wait (the Replacements)
Recorded at Pinnacle Studios in Alhambra, CA August 2013. Produced by Charlie Stavish