Walk the Plank / Daycare Swindlers split 7″



Sugar and spice, Peanut butter and jelly, the Olsen Twins… so many of the best things come in pairs. This 7″ is a shining example. Featuring DC hardcore stalwarts Walk the Plank and DC area ska/punk/rock veterans Daycare Swindlers, the first two songs make you angry, then the last two convince you everything’s ok. You’re going to sleep well tonight. Limited to 200 records on purple vinyl, be sure to buy this now, before it’s too late!

(FFO: Falling Sickness, Sick of it All)

1) Walk the Plank – Fear No Man
2) Walk the Plank – Thankless / Nameless
3) Daycare Swindlers – Telephone
4) Daycare Swindlers – Burner

on Purple vinyl (/200)

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