Teen Agers / Wolf-Face – Teen Wolf Split LP

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The first half of this split is conquered by Teen Agers of Orlando, FL, who really bring the pop-punk home.  This side of the split is sure to have you dancing along (or at least bobbing your head, if you don’t have the moves).

The second half belongs to St. Petersburg, Florida’s, Wolf-Face, whose name is more descriptive than you may know.  This fur-clad punk band really take the struggle of being a wolf-face home with heartfelt lyrics (including the disappointment of eating a human who tastes like soap)..

(FFO: Down By Law, Michael J Fox, and  90s Fat Wreck Bands)

1) Teen Agers – KWM
2) Teen Agers – River Road
3) Teen Agers – Van Pizza Road Apple Coffee
4) Teen Agers – Building
5) Teen Agers – It’s Hard to Know
6) Wolf-Face – Goddamn This Beast
7) Wolf-Face – Boof Ain’t Too Loose
8) Wolf-Face – Wolf Like Me
9) Wolf-Face – W-O-L-F Spells Shotkicker
10) Wolf-Face – I’m So Much Better

25 fest pressings on black w/ screened covers available at the Say-10 table at Fest 14
200 on Basketball Orange
100 on Orange w/ Black Splatter (bands only!)
100 on Orange w/ Blood Red Splatter (Say-10 exclusive)
100 on Yellow (Smartpunk exclusive)

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