SteveO & The Crippling Addictions – Desolation Monday LP

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Where does one go after the Holy Mess? Singer SteveO went on a songwriting mission and came back with “Desolation Monday” – an eight song showcase of post punk tunes that will remind you where your soft spots are. The beautiful result is an almost instant classic. A dirty and dusty punk voice that could duet with Buddy Holly carries us through tales we can relate to all too well – loving, losing and how your record collection barely survived a messy break up with that awful ex. It’s a serenade to those who have said too many goodbyes and haven’t seen nearly enough reunions. Refrains quickly become sing along choruses reminding us of all we’ve fought through to be here. “Desolation Monday” just might be the soundtrack to the party to end all parties. Our party. The party you’ve been waiting for. No, not some bash filled with people you can’t stand – the kids that never outgrew high school and the obnoxious club kids aren’t invited. Put this on and feel good about being alive.

FFO: The Holy Mess, The Hold Steady, Tim Barry and Tom Petty.

1) Good Kids
2) The City
3) Girl One
4) Girl Two
5) Elementary, My Dear Watkins
6) Ten Four
7) Modern Babylon
8) Minoritaville

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