Sarah and the Safe Word – Strange Doings in the Night



I have been a big fan of SATSW since Spotify recommended them years ago (Thanks a lot Capitalism). When I found out that their first album, Strange Doings in the Night, wasn’t available on vinyl I thought that it was an utter travesty… So here, dear reader, is the remixed/remastered version.

We are expecting the records in early 2023.

1) Act I. Scene I.
2) So Metropolitan
3) Strange Doings in the Night
4) North Ave
5) You’re The Sort of Man I Like
6) PillPusher
7) Who Spilled the Sugar?!
8) Audrey, Honey…
9) How Veronica Vanquished the Wolf
10) The Business Practices of Spiders
11) D.K.Y.

/100 on Violet and Black (Say-10 Exclusive) **SOLD OUT**
/100 on Orange with Black Splatter (Gunner Records – Euro Version)
/400 on Pink w/ Splatter


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