Never Erased Compilation


This compilation consists of LGBTQIA artists and is going to be the first in a series. We will be donating 50% of the profit to the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The LPs will come with a zine that has contributions from all of the bands. Some bands included lyrics, others opted for something more political, and some included a little about themselves.

1) Dog Park Dissidents – S*xual
2) Dead Format – Soho Nights
3) Bad Idols – Grind Me Up Grindr
4) Mixtape Saints – Cheap Thrills
5) Madison Turner – Ideas!
6) Sarah and the Safe Word – Mexican Wine
7) cheerbleederz – Dead Oaks
8) n0t listed – I Am That Boy
9) The Weekend Run Club – Strangers
10) Ozello – Boy???
11) Sarchasm – Isopropyl
12) Middle-Aged Queers – Queerdo (Gay Rancid)
13) Problem Patterns – Who Do We Not Save?
14) Last Ride – Tombstoned
15) Sister Sleep – Exist Without (09/05/52)
16) Decide By Friday – Never Pressed

1st Pressing:
/250 on Eco Friendly Lps (shipping around the end of the year)
/100 Tapes (shipping in July)
/1000 Zines (shipping around the end of the year)

The digital version of this compilation will be included in every transaction and you will receive the mp3s immediately rather than having to wait until 7/29/2022 when it comes out on all digital services.

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