mc chris – is dead 2xLP


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The first of 5 mc chris albums that we are giving the vinyl treatment!

When these originally came out the skits were removed and the album was condensed down to a single LP, but we were having none of that! For the first time ever you can now have the mc chris albums as they were always meant to be heard.

Bundles include all 4 versions. **International buyers – If you buy the bundle you will receive a Paypal invoice for the difference in shipping**

1) mc chris is dead
2) older crowd
3) reese
4) pizza butt
5) hoodie ninja
6) metaphor (skit)
7) on*
8) kill it
9) rollercoaster
10) nrrrd girl
11) magic (skit)
12) falynn
13) the masturbation song
14) freaks
15) never give up
16) pitchfork (skit)

/25 Test Pressings
/96 Biohazard (orange/black)
/295 Zombie Splatter (clear w/ red and green splatter)
/619 Police Tape (yellow/black) **Only available on tour!**