Karbomb / Seagulls – Split LP

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KarbomB’s side of the split starts out immediately with fast, driving beats, with lyrics and energy to match.  Their style of hardcore influenced punk is reminiscent of Kid Dynamite, and will definitely get you pumped up for whatever it is the kids get pumped about these days.

Seagulls bring it right back around with more hardcore-punk melodies and beats, with a set of growling vocals that let you know these guys aren’t messing around.  If KarbomB’s side of the split sounds like it will get you pumped, this side will definitely not disappoint.

(FFO: Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream, and beards)

1) KarbomB – Holy Babble
2) KarbomB – Same Shlitz Different Daze
3) KarbomB – Tuff Shit
4) KarbomB – Skatebreed
5) KarbomB – Scrape
6) KarbomB – Dream On
7) Seagulls – (Treat Yo Self To Some) Night Terrors
8) Seagulls – Prepare To Be Underwhelmed
9) Seagulls – Lethal Weapon 5
10) Seagulls – Rob Fordingthefuckingriver
11) Seagulls – Jumper

25 fest pressings on black w/ screened covers available at the Say-10 table at Fest 14
400 on Title Belt Gold Now on Steel Chair Silver
100 on Gold w/ blood splatter Now On Bloody Chair Silver

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