Jared Hart – Past Lives & Pass Lines LP / CD

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If you’re a fan of The Scandals and have ever wondered what Jared Hart may sound like as a singer/song writer, your wishes have come true with Hart’s debut solo release.  Characterized by hard hitting emotions and Hart’s gruff vocals, “Past Lives and Pass Lines” is sure to tug at your heartstrings.  With songs about love, loss, and the passing of time, everyone can relate to Hart’s words throughout this unique and beautifully recorded album.

Catch him on tour with Brian Fallon!

(FFO: Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Brian Fallon)

1) The Guillotine
2) The Leo
3) Deacon Ain’t Dead Yet
4) Totem
5) The Runaround
6) Interlude
7) Heads or Tails
8) Ditch Digger
9) Basements
10) Trenton Makes

/50 Test/Tour pressings for the Brian Fallon tour
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/400 on purple

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