Great Apes – Grey Tapes LP

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Great Apes, the aptly named band from San Francisco, are not only great dudes, but also put out great music.  Grey Tapes (get it?) is a collection of songs previously only available through assorted 7”s and splits, as well as some solo demos and unreleased tunes.  If you’re into lyrics that make you think about the world around you, Grey Tapes will not disappoint you.

(FFO: American Steel, Jawbreaker, and Point Break!)

1) Sam’s Song
2) It’s A Trans’ World
3) Detonator
4) Simple Cathartics
5) Shock Therapy
6) The Quack and the Leper
7) Class(war) Room
8) Paper Cages
9) Your Detonator (Solo Demo)
10) Kevin’s Song (Solo Demo)
11) Simple Cathartics (Demo)
12) Gold Rush (as told by 1355 Market St)

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