Get Stoked Vol 3 – Custody, Dead Format, Plastic Flamingos, & Seagulls

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This will be the last Get Stoked lathe cut batch. Our lathe cut bundles are going to made to order and then never made again. The idea being that we will keep pre-order available until 06/16/2023. At that time the releases will be made available digitally and the orders will start to be manufactured. When we get these back they will immediately start shipping your way.

You will receive 4 lathe cut singles that have new music and a cover of a Say-10 artist’s song. Since this one has 4 artists we will allow you to order just one if that is preferred, but we strongly recommend the bundle.

If you preorder these you will receive an immediate download of the songs (and probably be the envy of everyone you know!)

1) What Comes After 4
2) Church of the First Woke
3) Explosions from Above (originally by The Riot Before)
4) 6 Days a Week

Plastic Flamingos
1) Bury Me in the Sand
2) 2002 Warped Tour Compilation
3) The Beachcomber
4) With or Without Boof (originally by Wolf-Face)

Dead Format
1) Commander Z
2) Safety Is No Accident
3) You Can’t Sexy Dance to Punk Rock (originally by The Riot Before)

1) Dirty Floors
2) Blue Moon (originally by Choke Up)