DFL – Grateful


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I bought this CD on the day it came out. I remember getting into my highs school girlfriend’s car and she didn’t like one of the songs so she hit fast forward…. It started the album over again because the entire release was a single track. At the time I hated it.

As time went by I learned to appreciate the fact that the album was meant to be played in its entirety, so I was beyond stoked to help it exist for the first time ever on LP.

1. We Are The Dead
2. 300 Lb Mushroom
3. Leave Me Alone
4. The Grateful Song
5. Prove Me Wrong
6. Live For Today
7. Short Breath
8. Retribution
9. It’s All In Your Head
10. Four + Twenty
11. You Can’t Make Me
12. Help Wanted
13. Ought…To Be A Law
14. Fourteen Acre Mosh
15. Cameltoe
16. Powerless
17. Autumns Fall

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