Daycare Swindlers – Reradiate LP / CD

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Someone once said there’s two kinds of people in this world: workhorses and show ponies. That man was an idiot. Daycare Swindlers easily prove this concept wrong on Reradiate, their first full length since 2004’s The Morning After. Catchy songs like Telephone sit right next to songs like Reradiate, which tackle weightier topics and yet not a song on this album feels out of place.

Daycare Swindlers may have grown up, but unlike so many bands today, they haven’t forgotten how to have fun. While Reradiate may be very different from the ska roots of New and Tasty and even lightly tread on some country influenced rhythms at times, this highly anticipated new release will leave you with the same feeling of enlightened exhilaration and excruciating enjoyment as their previous releases.

(FFO: Morning Glory, Deftones, No-Ca$h, Meat Puppets)

1) About A Girl
2) Telephone
3) Bad Luck
4) Deep River
5) The Wheel
6) Carbon
7) Unwinding
8) Spread Thin *CD/Digital Only*
9) Bicycle Seat
10) Page Full of Names
11) Nebula
12) It’s Alive *CD/Digital Only*
13) El Coliche
14) Get You Home
15) Reradiate
16) This Town

/100 on Silver/Blue swirl **SOLD OUT**
/400 on Silver
**Vinyl comes with a CD copy**

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