Civil War Rust – Help Wanted LP

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The Bay Area. There might not be gold in them thar hills anymore, but there is never a shortage of great bands. From Dead Kennedys to No Use For a Name and everything in between, it’s constantly producing gold. Civil War Rust offers up the newest nugget with their sophomore release Help Wanted, and it’s a shiny one. This album is a unique combination of catchy, clever and self deprecating, AND clocks in at just under 24 minutes, which makes it efficient as well.

Playing fun songs with substance is something Civil War Rust has been doing since day one, and Help Wanted clearly shows why they have been melting the frosty hearts of punk rockers since the turn of the decade.

(FFO: Alkaline Trio, One Man Army, Bay Area Punk)

1) California Bleu
2) Teenage Moustache
3) Upside Down
4) Outta My Mind
5) Photographs
6) Bart Cards and Broken Hearts
7) Riverside
8) Thirty Days
9) Rogues Couch
10) Revenge Therapy

/100 on Egg colored vinyl (yellow inside misty clear) **SOLD OUT**
/150 on Red splatter vinyl **ALMOST GONE**
/250 on Misty Clear

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