Choke Up – Stormy Blue LP / CD

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A dusty road.

A hot summer night.

The tires of your elegantly beat up car burn down the road towards your destination with the anticipation of a long awaited meet up with best friends. That one you’ve been hoping to run into just might be there too.

Such is the maturing scene set by “Saturday Night,” the first song on Choke Up’s latest effort, “Stormy Blue.”

Moving with a purpose that captures the unsettled core of punk rock while carrying a nostalgia for what got them there, Choke Up have grown into something much more than they were.

Driven by earnest vocals that capture a whimsical yearning that reminds us all things are possible, the songs on “Stormy Blue” are a combination of early 2000’s Long Island style emo (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday) with a moody post hardcore that almost carries a Midwestern twang at times.

Some songs are reminiscent of early Get Up Kids style beats, setting the tone with an urgency that refuses to let go. Other times you hear a purposeful backbeat that carries you at a lazier summer pace. Layered guitar tones soak the songs for days, bringing you back to a pining vocal delivery that could only be earned with awkward teenage years that feel like they’ve been left far behind.

(FFO: The Weakerthans, Brand New, Knapsack)

1) Saturday Night
2) Joyride
3) Blue Moon
4) Borderland
5) Arcade on the Pier
6) Roadside Graves
7) Fireworks
8) Full Bloom to Bedlam
9) Level Me
10) Sunday Morning

/100 on Baby Blue LP *SOLD OUT*
/400 on Dark Stormy Blue LP

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