Brutal Youth – Stay Honest LP

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Stay Honest, the follow up to Brutal Youth’s 2010 debut full length Spill Your Guts, found the Canadian quartet further honing their sound, which blends the fury of Kid Dynamite and the blistering sarcasm of the Circle Jerks into something that sounds both familiar and completely it’s own. Brutal Youth has the rare ability to write songs that manage to be both fun and introspectively earnest, and Stay Honest is packed full of both those things. With a work ethic as relentless as their sound’s sonic assault, Brutal Youth is truly a force to be reckoned with.

(FFO: Kid Dynamite, Nomeansno, and lots of Whoas)

1. 53°
02. Boul. Saint-Laurent
03. NL Time
04. Hunting Wabbits
05. 1Lb./Yr.
06. Best Policy
07. Albatross
08. John Hughes Proverbs
09. Orca6050
10. Millenium Falcon
11. Trim the Fat
12. For Pete
13. XPiss&WineX
14. Dwight
15. Embitterment
16. Play Dead
17. Shortcut pt 2
18. Theory of Relativity

/500 copies on Mint Chocolate Chip Vinyl

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