Bobby’s Oar – Knots Tape

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Lo-fi goodness to start, but solid songwriting that makes it sound like this should’ve been released on Saddle Creek in their heydey (this is coming from someone who once spilled a full glass of whiskey on both Bright Eyes AND Cursive’s merch tables (two different occasions… also happened to Lucero and Langhorn Slim, but that’s a story for another time. Wait… is this an intervention? Get out of my living room.)

Anyways, layers of Bobby’s Oar wasn’t something that I expected. The vocal and instrumental layers remind me of bands like Rodeo Ruby Love (check this band out you dum dums) and general midwestern goodness. Full disclosure – I have no idea where this band is from and I’m not going to look it up until later because I’m living in the moment and also on my 5th glass of cognac in the Frankfurt airport.

Also… heavy Say Anything vibes. Yeah. Maybe that’s more what I’m thinking. But still check out Rodeo Ruby Love. But for sure, the kind of Say Anything vibe where you’re like “Ah man, this song reminds me of my ex. Maybe I should call them. Oh wait. That was terrible and I’m full of terrible ideas.” I guess it’s that early 2000’s vibe that makes me nostalgic for the past but also SO incredibly happy and thankful for the present and everything that got me to where I am here. And you.

And yeah, cognac is the perfect beverage for air travel and if you disagree then you’re a cop. Unless you choose not to drink for any reason in which case I support you and love you and you’re not a cop. #Cognac2020

Also – if Adam edits any of this then he’s a cop.
–Blurb courtesy of Jason from Little Teeth

(FFO: Say Anything, Rodeo Ruby Love, Cognac)

1) Tired Eyes
2) Compass in the City
3) Life Fights Back
4) Comb My Hair

/100 yellow tapes

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