Ann Beretta – Old Scars, New Blood LP

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“We’ll always have the radio – a small town and no place to go.” The first chorus of “FM” signals Ann Beretta’s triumphant return and instantly reminds us just what anthemic punk rock is all about. “Old Scars, New Blood” their first album in over a decade, features 13 re-recorded hits that sound better sung with your fist in the air. Raspy and sincere vocals combine with rich guitar and drum tones to deliver catchy choruses blissfully lacking the type of saccharine pop punk written for kids. Never bound to a boring 3-chord punk script, instead Ann Beretta include organs, slide guitar and a taste of rockabilly on these tunes.

Some great send ups can be heard, including a nod to fellow Richmond, VA band Strike Anywhere – but you’ll have to listen to hear where, we’re not telling There’s a wistful nostalgia mixed with a forward looking perspective on the record. This album has themes that might make Bruce Springsteen cry. We’re not children anymore, and we know things don’t always work out the way we planned – but we push on anyway.

This album of band favorites serves as the first dose in an Ann Beretta double feature. Later in 2018 there will be a follow up album of all new material that will get your toes tapping, but for now crack open a beer and sing along.

FFO: Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls, Avail, Iron Chic, The Menzingers, and the Boss.

1) FM
2) Straight Shooter (Election Day)
3) Love’s Easy Tears
4) Broadway
5) Burning Bridges
6) Vengeance
7) New Revolution
8) Glory Bound
9) Angry All The Time
10) Russ’ Song
11) Fairweather
12) Bottle Caps
13) Forever Family

/100 on red / white A side / B side (looks like a color burst on each side) **SOLD OUT**
/400 on red

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